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Areppas (with 2 p’s)

Great Taste, More Filling, Less Waste…

Our Areppas are hand-made with artisan grain.  They are a little thinner and sturdier, yet lighter and fluffier than a traditional arepa. We minimize your carb consumption, reduce food waste and make you the perfect arepa.  At Areppas we also sneak in delicious wholesome ingredients, like herbs, veggies and plant-based proteins. This makes your arepa stronger, more satiating and sexier too.  


Ancient Wisdom, Whole Grains

Arepas are more than a warm corn pockets you can fill with endless food combinations. Like the tortilla in México and Central America, bread in France and Italy, or the pita in the Mediterranean and Middle East, the arepa is a cultural staple of Venezuela and Colombia…and an immediate favorite for all that have tried Venezuela’s tastiest import.

Made for centuries by South American and Caribbean tribes, this pre-Columbian maize cake looks similar to an English muffin and can be stuffed like a pita pocket. Originally called erepa and made of soaked ground kernels of corn, the way it was cooked and stuffed, or not, depended on geography and seasonality. At Areppas we are taking the process back to its roots using only non-industrialized corn, herbs and spices to keep things fresh and liven them up.